Asset-based Hard & Private Money Lenders

Asset-based Hard & Private Money Lenders

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Sharestates is the Choice for Real Estate Investors Nationwide

Learn just how Sharestates' online real estate investment marketplace provides hard money loans for borrowers and high returns for investors.

Posted by Sharestates on Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Loan Programs

Sharestates is asset class agnostic. Whether it’s a Residential 1-4 Family property, Multi-Family property, Mixed-Use property, or otherwise – we’re here to provide you with the funding you need.  You’d just need to pass our 34-point screen that emphasizes your credit score, experience, and track record. Our platform can provide you with short term bridge loans, mid-term, and/or long-term rental loans. Programs are detailed below:

Bridge Loans

  • Asset Classes: Residential, Multi-Family, Mixed-Use, Retail/Office
  • Rates Starting At: 7.5%
  • Terms: 12, 18, & 24 Months
  • Closing Timeline: Same Day Approval, Close in as little as 4 days
  • Loan Purpose: Cash Out, Partnership Buyout, Bridge to Construction, Rehab, Ground Up Construction
  • Occupancy: None Required
  • Amortization: Interest Only
  • Loan Sizes: $100,000-5,000,000

Mid Term Loans

  • Asset Classes: Residential, Multi-Family, Mixed-Use
  • Rates Starting At: 7%
  • Terms: 24, 30, & 36 Months
  • Closing Timeline: Same Day Approval, Close in as little as 5 days
  • Loan Purpose: Cash Out, Partnership Buyout, Bridge to Bank/Agency Loan
  • Occupancy: Residential – 100% Occupied, 5+ Units – 75% Occupied
  • Amortization: Interest Only
  • Loan Sizes: $100,000-5,000,000

Rental Loans

  • Asset Classes: 1-4 Family, Mixed Use, Multi-Family, Condo, Portfolio
  • Rates Starting At: 4.99%
  • Terms: 5/1 Arm, 7/1 Arm, 10/1 Arm
  • Closing Timeline: Same Day Approval, Close in as little as 30 days
  • Loan Purpose: Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out
  • Occupancy: Leases Required, DSCR: Min of 1.0
  • Amortization: Interest Only / Full Amortization
  • Loan Sizes: $100,000-5,000,000

Jumbo Bridge Loans

  • Asset Classes: Residential, Multi-Family, Mixed-Use, Retail/Office
  • Rates Starting At: 8.5%
  • Terms: 12, 18, & 24 Months
  • Closing Timeline: Same Day Approval, Close in as little as 10 days
  • Loan Purpose: Cash Out, Partnership Buyout, Bridge to Construction, Rehab & Construction
  • Occupancy: None Required (C/O Required)
  • Amortization: Interest Only
  • Loan Sizes: $3,000,000-15,000,000


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Stratton Equities' Logo
Address: 28 Bloomfield Avenue, Pine Brook, NJ
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Stratton Equities is the leading Nationwide Direct Hard Money & NON-QM Lender that specializes in fast and flexible lending processes. Our team is owned and operated by experienced Real Estate Investors providing a reliable and knowledgeable team to help all Real Estate investors succeed.

Our hard money and direct private money loan programs support the following investment projects:

Fix and Flip
Cash Out – Refinance
Fixed Commercial Loans
Commercial Bridge Loans
Bridge Loans
Stated Income/No-Income Verification Loans
Rental Loans
Foreclosure Bailout Loan
New Construction
Blanket Loans
Fixed Rental Programs
Multi-Family Loan
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Stratton Equities is the Leading Nationwide direct hard money & NON-QM lender for Real Estate Investors.

Our Mission = Your Success!
We are passionate about helping small business owners, contractors, and Real Estate investors, swiftly and efficiently finance their investment goals. We customize our hard money loan programs for each unique project investment needs.

Diverse Loan Programs
Our diverse array of Loan programs and experienced Loan Officers will tailor the perfect loan options for your unique Real Estate scenario. Stratton Equities funds the following loan programs; Hard Money, fix and flip for real estate investors, Bridge Loans, Commercial, New Construction, Stated Income, Commercial Bridge Loans, Foreclosure Bailouts, and Cash-Out Refinance Projects for non-owner occupied properties. Check out our hard money loan programs!

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The firm’s principals have a combined 40+ years of experience in property development and real estate finance and have originated over $1 billion in high-yielding private mortgages throughout their careers.

Triumph’s mission is to provide debt capital to meet the complex needs of today’s real estate investors nationwide.

Loan Programs

Fix & Flip

Fund your Fix & Flip with Triumph Capital Partners. Low rates with no hidden fees

  • Up to 85% of purchase
  • Up to 100% of Rehab
  • Rates Starting at 7.99%
  • Loans $100K – $3.5M


Ground Up Construction capital for real estate investors to expand construction projects.

  • Up to 85% LTC
  • Rates Starting at 8.99%
  • Loans $250K – $8M
  • SFR / Multi-family / Mixed Use

Bridge Acquisition

Bridge Acquisition capital for real estate investors to stabilize their assets, increase purchasing power, and maximize value in any market.

  • Up to 75% LTV
  • Rates Starting at 7.99%
  • Loans $150K – $3.5M

Small Balance Commercial

Grow your commercial investment portfolio with Triumphs customized and flexible lending options.

  • Up to 80% LTV
  • Rates Starting at 7.99%
  • Loans $500K – $5M


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 Our Rental360 Loan Program is perfect for the professional investor looking to grow their portfolio of single family rental properties

Rental360 Features

  • Full 30 year terms, no balloons
  • Streamlined qualification process emphasizing property
    level cash flow
  • No tax returns required
  • Up to 70% LTV for Refinances and 80% LTV for Purchases
  • Simple haggle free pricing you can depend on
  • Protect your identity and other assets by borrowing in
    a corporate entity
Highly Specialized in Rental Loans

Visio Lending’s laser-like focus and rental loan expertise simply cannot be matched. Would you go to a foot doctor for a headache? Or an employment attorney for a divorce? There is something to be said for going to a specialist for the specialty you need.

Another clear benefit of choosing a specialized rental lender instead of financing all of your investments, such as your fix and flips, through one lender: avoiding cross-default provisions. Essentially, through a cross-default provision, if a borrower fails to pay interest or principal on time for one loan, the lender has the right to default the borrower on all of their loans. Fix and flips are risky investments even for the best lenders, so it is always good practice to keep your rentals elsewhere.

Cash Flow Based Lender

Rather than look at the personal income of our investors, Visio looks at the monthly cash flow generated by the property compared to the debt. We do this using a metric called Debt-Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR). DSCR is calculated by dividing the monthly rent by the monthly principal, interest, taxes, insurance and association dues (PITIA).  A DSCR of 1 indicates the investor is breaking even, and anything above a 1.2 is considered solid. Many investors that own multiple mortgaged rental properties have too much “debt” to qualify for traditional financing, so using DSCR rather than DTI enables them to acquire more rentals.

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We’ve designed a range of products to suit every type of residential real estate investor, from fix and flip to cash-out refinance loans, and many more. So whether you’re flipping a home in New York, or cashing out property wealth in Florida, we’ve got a competitively priced product for you.

Fix & Flip Loans

Fix & Flip loans allow the borrower to make a quick return on their investment while stimulating communities – We Lend is proud to support the cause! We Lends Fix & Flip program allows the borrower to invest as little as 10%. We offer up to 90% of the borrower’s purchase price and 100% of the renovation cost in as little as 3-7 business days. Prior to finding We Lend, many of our borrowers would search for investors/partners with capital; in return for the investors/partners’ capital, the borrower shared 50% of their profits. We Lend views our borrowers as our partners, however, our borrowers keep 100% of the profits!

Inquire about our ZERO point program
No upfront fees
No prepay penalties
No bank statements or tax returns needed
Tenant or Squatter occupied property? No problem!
No access into the property? No problem!
Proof of funds needed? No problem!
No experience? No problem!
Loans funded in 3-7 business days!

Construction Loans

Construction Loans are a great source of capital for investors who are purchasing or own properties that need extensive construction or renovation. It is common that the extent of the construction prevents a traditional bank from financing such properties. We Lend’s philosophy is different. We Lend views a Construction Loan as a means to improve and revitalize a community while helping the investor on their journey to profitability and generational wealth.

Rental Loans

Experts say that the best way to build wealth is by generating recurring monthly revenue – there is no better way to do just that than acquiring rental properties. We Lend is a big advocate of building wealth and our rental program is here to assist in achieving that goal. Our Rental Loan Product is underwritten as a hard money loan but with traditional type terms and rates. Let’s build wealth!


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