Airbnb Property

Your Airbnb Property is about to see a lot more action! See the difference by hiring us as your property’s superhosts! We are specialists in the short-term rental property market. As your property manager and host, we provide a higher-level of service that is designed to be your turn-key solution from the start! Your short … Read more

It is worth getting HELOC to purchase a rental property?

Hey…me and my wife are looking to purchase our first investment property. We have a potential tenant… Thing is my credit score is 638….mortgage lender is wanting 25%down and 15 year loan to keep rates down. Only way we can do that is to do a home equity line of credit….would it be worth it?

Not sure how title insurance works

Hi folks I am unsure about Title Insurance and how it works and why it’s so darn expensive. A lender quoted me almost $2200 for Title Insurance for a $483K mortgage. He also told me to feel free to shop it and he can use anyone I come up with. How do I even go … Read more

What options do I have to eventually collect past due rent?

I have a tenant who owes rent since April. I can’t evict him due to Covid-19 pandemic, by the time the eviction will be done…tenant will be 5-6 months behind in rent payments…plus damages legal expenses – the potential bill could be between $10,000 – $15,000…needless to say not chump change to simply let go. … Read more