Rental Investment Loan Program

Rental Investment Loan Program

A “Rental Investment” loan is a long-term loan used to purchase or refinance property with the intent to hold it for at least 3+ years in order to profit from the cash flow from the property and future appreciation. A Rental Investment loan is a great fit in the following situations:

  1. When the property does not need renovations.
  2. When you are looking to payoff a bridge loan which was used to renovate the property.
  3. When the property is stabilized, leased up, or generating any income.
  4. When you want a long term financing solution on rental investment property.

At Capital Funding Financial, rental investment loans close quickly…even in as little as 10-14 days at rates starting at 5.25%! Our Rental Investment loans require no personal income verification and very little documentation!

Program Overview

Loan Amount: $75,000 – $1.5 Million
Term Length: 30 years
Max LTV: 85% (Purchase), 80% (Refinance & Cash-out)
Amortization: 30 YR, 3 YR I/O, & 5 YR I/O
Interest Rate: Starting at 5.25%
Min. Credit Requirement: 650 FICO
Closing Time: 10 – 14 Days
Loan Use: Purchase, Refinance, Cashout

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– Fix/Flip Loans – Up to 90% of purchase and repairs

– Rental Loans – 30 Year Fixed Rate Up to 80% LTV (Single Property & Portfolios)

– New Contruction – Up to 85% of the project cost

Not a broker nor a bank, but a fully funded lending partner that can close consistently and help you grow your business. LendingOne uses our own capital, an easy online application, and our extensive real estate experience to provide quick and reliable funding for our clients.

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High raccomend it ! - Closed loan with a LOWER rate than initially quoted - Incredible 30 years fixed (where do you find it at a reasonable rate when you hit the Fennie M Freddie Mac # properties limit?) - No tax returns. If you have a rental contract that serves the mortgage you are good - 100% investor friendly
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