Past Due Amount Workout Agreement

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • (the "Landlord"),
  • (the "Tenant")
  • In addition to all other amounts that may become due under the term of the tenancy or state law, Tenant agrees to pay the past due amount owed in the following manner:
  • List dates and amounts of payments.
  • If Tenant fails to make the above payments in the manner prescribed, the FULL AMOUNT of the original debt minus any amounts paid shall be due and payable immediately as rent. The Tenant may be served Pay or Quit Notice for these amounts owed. Failure by Landlord or Landlord's agents to serve a Pay or Quit Notice or accepting late or partial payments shall not constitute a waiver of Landlord's rights.
  • Tenant agrees that this constitutes the entire agreement regarding the above mentioned past due amounts owed and any modification to this agreement must be in writing to be considered valid.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY