My Tenant Is In Medically Induced Coma. What Should I Do?

If you have an emergency contact for your tenant, it’s best to call that person. If you inherited the tenant, look in the lease, you may find it there.

If you can’t find it in the lease, call her work or ask the hospital. 

The emergency contact may have the legal authority to end the lease and come and get her things. Or, conversely, to pay the rent. Being listed as an emergency contact doesn’t give anyone the right to enter the rental or to make decisions for the tenant.

A medically induced coma rarely lasts more than a few weeks, so in addition to finding out who is the emergency contact for the tenant, waiting it out maybe the best course of action.

I would definitely recommend consulting an attorney if this lasts more than one month. 


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Codebox Review

Codebox is my favorite solution for landlords who have less than 5 rental properties. The cost for the lockbox is $46-$56 (prices may change) one time. I like that you own the lockbox and you don’t have to pay monthly fees.

Screen of dashboard of Codebox

This code allows you to send a code to potential tenants for a viewing. You can ask them for a selfie and copy of their driver’s license before they can view the property. The code is only valid for a one-time viewing.  

You can pair the Codebox with some showing apps but all of them are too expensive for just a couple of rentals.

We tried the Junior Codebox and the only negative we found is that sometimes you have to press the buttons really hard to make them work. I don’t hear the same complaint for the Larger Codebox.

If you are a landlord with small number of rentals, this is a time saver. We have used a similar lockbox in our business (Rently) and we’ve never had an issue.