Rentce Shield

Court records show that in 2016, 71,000 people were evicted from homes across Florida in 2016, an average of almost 200 per day.

When tenants are evicted, they usually don’t leave the property in good condition. Often the damages are in the thousands of dollars. Our files show that the cost on average is $6,000 including eviction.

Some tenants are not evicted but they cause damages beyond what a security deposit can cover. To prevent such damage, maintain the rental property better and maximize the rental profits for the owners, we created Rentce Shield.

What is Rentce Shield?

Rentce Shield is extra protection for property managers and investors. Here is what’s included:

  • Rentce will arrange and pay for eviction if a tenant stops paying rent. 
  • If a tenant causes damages to your rental property, Rentce will pay up to $2,000 in damages.
  • Rentce will conduct three property checks per year and create Property Condition Reports at no additional charge.

How it Works?

Eviction for Nonpayment of Rent

What we require from you before filing for an eviction.  

  • A 3-Day Notice or an 8-Day Notice needs to be served by personal delivery to the tenant.  
  • Lease and Copy of the Original Notice with Certificate of Service
  • Our lawyer may need additional info from you but other than that we will take care of everything to evict the current tenant.

Property Damages

After the tenant has moved out, contact us to conduct a move-out condition report. We will compare the move-in and move-out reports. 

We will get estimates from our contractors and we will pay for any damages that are not covered by the security deposit of the tenant. We will pay up to $2000 in damages.

For example, if the tenant has caused damages estimated at $5000 and the landlord is holding only $1500 in a security deposit, we will pay $2000.

If the estimated damages are $2500, Rentce will pay $1000.

Damages do not include cleaning (except in extraordinary dirty rentals) and does not include ordinary wear and tear.

What Is the Cost? How Do I Pay?

Rentce Shield is a subscription-based service. It’s paid monthly, $39 per month and the term depends on the lease term, min 6 months and maximum 12 months. After 12 months, it’s month-to-month and you can cancel any time.

You can pay by clicking on the Activate Rentce Shield button and filling out the form. Your subscription will become active after we conduct the first Move-In Check and create the first PCR (property condition report)

Are There Any Exclusions?

Yes, there are a couple of exclusions. We will not cover:

  • Evictions for other reasons than non-payment of rent. For example, illegal acts, damages to the property, etc.
  • Death of Tenant or Long Term Hospitalization.
  • Damages covered by other insurance and security deposit.
  • Tenant withholding rent because of Landlord’s breach of the lease.
  • Claims in the first 60 days.
  • Rentce Shield can only be activated on new leases. We have to be able to conduct the initial move-in property check and after that check every six month in order to make sure the property remain in good condition.
Questions? Contact us or call 813-530-8057.