Why Rentce?

Here are a couple of reasons you should consider using Rentce:

  • Win more business by offering guarantees to the owners.
  • Own and/or manage more rentals with less stress.
  • Increase profitability and decrease the risk for owners.
  • Remove the uncertainty of eviction and damage done by tenants.
  • Expand your property management business in locations where you don’t have local presence.

Property Managers

Stop competing on price and make an offer potential clients can’t refuse.

  • Offer property checks every six months.
  • Give owners what they truly want-higher profits, fewer expenses.
  • Offer them a guarantee against damages and eviction.

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  • Own more properties with less stress.
  • Maintain your rentals better.
  • Get protection against damage and eviction.

Sign up for Rentce Shield

Get Access to Forms, Letters and Checklists

  • Fillable state-specific Lease Agreement, you can email directly to tenants.
  • Pet Addendum
  • Other Addendums
  • Tenant Welcome Letter with Lease Rules
  • Rental Move-In Checklist

Property Condition Report

  • Order Move-In Property Condition Report  with photos and Video 
  •  Record the condition of your property in detail in order to avoid security deposit disputes.

Personal Notice Delivery

  • Order personal delivery for Eviction Notices.