What is Self-Touring or Self-Showing Technology?

What is self-showing or self-touring technology?

Self-touring technology allows a prospective renter to physically visit a vacant property without a manager or agent present. Renters can instantly book an appointment, saving countless hours finding a property to rent, and managers can streamline operations by supplementing traditional leasing office hours to easily conduct weekend and after-hour tours.

Which companies facilitate self-showing?

Rently and Showmojo are the two most popular companies.

Codebox is an alternative for small investors with only a couple of properties.  Codebox is much more affordable but it doesn’t have all the automation as the other two apps.

What is the cost?

Rently’s app is $30 per month plus $30 per lockbox. Showmojo has different plans but the most popular is around $79 per month, they just introduced their own lock boxes. Not sure what the price will be for that.

Codebox is the most affordable. the lockboxes are around $55 plus very minimal monthly charge, less than a dollar.

So how does Rently work? 

Rently syndicates rental listing to 50 plus sites including Zillow and Realtor.com. Prospective tenants are asked to schedule a self-showing tour online and to prove their identity using a credit card and an ID. 

After they schedule the showing and when they are at the property, they are given a one-time code to open the lockbox.

Potential tenants are asked questions about the condition of the property after they put back the key in the lockbox and emailed a link to an application.

All of this happens without an agent driving to the property. 

Doesn’t this appear intrusive to tenants?

Most tenants have no issue with self-touring because the major investors like Progress, American Homes 4Rent are also using Rently, so once a tenant verifies their identity, they can tour all homes on the market that are shown by Rently.

This is a major benefit that we didn’t realize we were going to get until we started using Rently. We got so much traffic from the major investors’ sites that using this technology was worth it even for just for the extra leads.

All of our rental properties were rented much faster with Rently than with us showing the homes.

Rently is our favorite self showing technology for couple of reasons. Everything is highly automated. Literally, all you have to do is put a lockbox on the door and wait for applications. 

Codebox Review

Codebox is my favorite solution for landlords who have less than 5 rental properties. The cost for the lockbox is $46-$56 (prices may change) one time. I like that you own the lockbox and you don’t have to pay monthly fees.

Screen of dashboard of Codebox

This code allows you to send a code to potential tenants for a viewing. You can ask them for a selfie and copy of their driver’s license before they can view the property. The code is only valid for a one-time viewing.  

You can pair the Codebox with some showing apps but all of them are too expensive for just a couple of rentals.

We tried the Junior Codebox and the only negative we found is that sometimes you have to press the buttons really hard to make them work. I don’t hear the same complaint for the Larger Codebox.

If you are a landlord with small number of rentals, this is a time saver. We have used a similar lockbox in our business (Rently) and we’ve never had an issue.