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Rental Checklists and Rental Application

Rental ApplicationThis is not a run-of-the-mill  Rental Application. We developed it over many years of property management and we are sharing it with you for free.  It asks many questions you should ask but you may not think to ask.

Tenant Employment Verification Letter – Many employers will not give you information unless you have a signed authorization from their employee. This form includes the applicant’s permission to release information about their employment.

Application Scoring Worksheet – We created and used this scoring system to help us decide if we should accept an applicant. We managed mostly A, B, and some C rentals so this may not be suitable for everyone.

Rent-Ready Checklist – Use this checklist to prepare the property for rent or give it to your cleaners to use so they don’t miss anything.

Rental Maintenance ChecklistAn excel form with monthly and seasonal maintenance tasks. If your tenants are responsible for some of this maintenance share it with them.

Application Acceptance Letter –  Letter to applicants to notify applicants that their application was accepted.

Adverse Action Letter – The purpose of this letter is to notify an applicant that their application has been denied or it has been accepted but with conditions – higher deposit, cosigner, etc.

Holding Deposit Receipt  – This is not a security deposit receipt, it’s a receipt for deposit taken to hold the property. It’s very important to spell out the dates, amount, and other conditions before taking Holding Deposits. 

Move-In Forms and Letters

Tenant Welcome Letter – This letter sets the tone for the entire tenancy. It has helped us eliminate 90% of late payments and prevented serious mishaps like floods and other incidents. It also saves us time because we don’t have to answer questions about utilities, HOA, etc. If you don’t use anything else from this site, use this letter. 

Rental Move-In, Move-Out Checklist – Give this checklist to your tenants to fill out or do it yourself. You can access this form on any mobile device, no need for an app. After you are done, save the form as PDF. If you are a professional property manager or a landlord with many properties you may want to hire an independent party to do these move-in, move-out inspections. Check our professional directory for listings.

Notices – Eviction, Agreements, and Noncompliance

Late Rent Payment Warning Letter – This letter is for tenants who pay rent habitually late.

Past Due Amount Workout Agreement – Use this agreement if a tenant owes you money. Very helpful if your state doesn’t allow evictions right now.

Eviction Notice for Nonpayment of Rent – 3 Day Notice Florida –This notice is given if tenants stop paying rent and they don’t usually pay with checks. If they do, use the 8-Day Notice

Eviction Notice for Nonpayment of Rent – 8 Day Notice Florida – This notice is given to tenants for nonpayment of rent if tenants usually pay by mailing a check.

Notice for Noncompliance with Lease Terms – Seven Day Notice Florida – This is a notice for noncompliance with lease terms.

30 Day Eviction Notice for Nonpayment of Rent [Florida]– Eviction notice for nonpayment of rent.  Consult your attorney, check our directory if you don’t have one. Read this before serving eviction notice in Florida. [Cares Act and Gov DeSantis Order]

Leases, Addendums, Required Disclosures, Lease Renewals, Terminations and Extensions

Residential Lease Agreement– Basic Lease Agreement, not state-specific. Over the last fifteen years, we added and changed things in this lease to make it better. 

Florida Lease Agreement– Florida Specific Lease Agreement  

Pet Addendum – This addendum lists the pets allowed on the property, the pet fees and deposits and tenants’ responsibilities for cleaning and damages caused by their pets

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – This disclosure must be attached to any lease of a property built prior to 1978.

Lease Renewal Letter – We send this letter 60 days before a tenant needs to renew a lease. The letter offers a choice between a month-to-month lease with a higher rent or signing a new lease.

Lease Non-Renewal Notice – Notice that the lease will not be renewed.

Letter to Tenant of Intent to Sell Property –  This is a sample letter notifying tenants that the landlord intends to sell the rental property.

Misc Forms

Rent Receipt – Record payments from tenants, free fillable PDF form.

Incident Report – This form needs to be filled out by the tenant and signed by witnesses for any incidents occurring on the property.

Property Entry Notice – This is a notice to tenants that you need to enter the property. Every state has different requirements on owner access, check your state here.

Sample Rent Recovery Collection Letter – Many landlords don’t bother with the collection of tenant’s debt. However, this letter is an easy way to at least give it a try. 

Property Management Agreements, LLC Operating Agreements, Vendor Agreements

Operating Agreement of LLC , Florida –  This is a Sample Operating Agreement for Florida LLC

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) – Use this excel sheet to determine property values. Here is video on how to use it.