Rental Forms and Templates

Rental Forms, Letters, Checklists and Templates

Attorney-approved rental forms and checklists for the most important property management tasks.

All forms and letters are free.

Preparing the Property for Rent

Rent-Ready Checklist – Use this checklist to prepare the property for rent. (FREE)

Screening a Tenant

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Rental ApplicationThis is not a run-of-the-mill  Rental Application. We developed it over many years of property management and we are sharing it with you for free.  (FREE)

Pet Application – Use this application to collect information on the tenant’s pets, including photos, vet records, and license. File Type: PDF and ODT (FREE)

Applicant Checklist – This checklist will help you keep track of all the documents required for screening a tenant including accepting or denying an application. We recommend you print a copy for reference while completing the screening. (FREE)

Application Scoring Worksheet – We created and used this scoring system to help us decide if we should accept an applicant. We managed mostly A, B, and some C rentals so this may not be suitable for everyone. (FREE)

Tenant Selection Criteria – Example of tenant selection criteria. (FREE)

Tenant Employment Verification Letter – Many employers will not give you information unless you have a signed authorization from their employee. This form includes the applicant’s permission to release information about their employment. (FREE)

Application Acceptance Letter –  Letter to applicants to notify applicants that their application was accepted. (FREE)

Adverse Action Letter – The purpose of this letter is to notify an applicant that their application has been denied or it has been accepted but with conditions – higher deposit, cosigner, etc. (FREE)

Holding Deposit Receipt  – This is not a security deposit receipt, it’s a receipt for a deposit taken to hold the property. It’s very important to spell out the dates, amount, and other conditions before taking Holding Deposits. (FREE)

Tenant Pre-Screening QuestionsTenant pre-screening saves time by narrowing down the number of showings to pre-qualified applicants only. This should not replace checking credit, background, and references. (FREE)

Key Checkout Receipt – ​A key check-out allows applicants to do a self-tour of a rental property. The applicants will be required to show a valid ID. (FREE)

Verification of Rental History – Use this form to verify the applicant’s rental history. It includes the applicant’s permission to check references. (FREE)

Leases, Addendums and Required Disclosures

Residential Lease Agreement– Basic Lease Agreement, not state-specific. (FREE)

Pet Addendum – This addendum lists the pets allowed on the property, the pet fees and deposits, and tenants’ responsibilities for cleaning and damages caused by their pets (FREE)

Mold Addendum – Agreement with the tenant to perform mold prevention maintenance of the property and to report any evidence of mold. (FREE)

HOA Deposit Addendum – This is an agreement between the management of the Homeowner Association and Landlord/Property Management Company to pay the tenant’s deposit on behalf of the tenant. This is done to facilitate the approval of the tenants in communities that require a deposit. (FREE)

Smoke Detector Agreement – The Smoke Detector agreement lists the number of devices, and who is responsible for maintenance, repair, and replacement. (FREE)

Crime-Free Addendum – Addendum listing crime activities that will be considered a breach of the lease. (FREE)

Home Based Business Agreement – Agreement with the tenant to allow operating a home-based business with wavers and conditions. (FREE)

Lease Guaranty – Use this form for third-party lease guarantor. (FREE)

Property Not Ready – The tenant agrees that they are renting the property in “not ready” condition without abatement of rent. (FREE)

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – This disclosure must be attached to any lease of a property built prior to 1978. (FREE)

Move-In Forms and Letters

Tenant Welcome Letter – This letter sets the tone for the entire tenancy. It has helped us eliminate 90% of late payments and prevented serious mishaps like floods and other incidents. It also saves us time because we don’t have to answer questions about utilities, HOA, etc. If you don’t use anything else from this site, use this letter. (FREE)

Late Rent Payment Policy – This letter should be given at lease signing or shortly before the tenant moves in. It explains the late rent policy and the consequences if the policy is not followed. (FREE)

Rental Move-In, Move-Out Checklist – Give this checklist to your tenants to fill out or do it yourself. You can access this form on any mobile device, no need for an app. After you are done, save the form as PDF. If you are a professional property manager or a landlord with many properties you may want to hire an independent party to do these move-in, move-out inspections. Check our professional directory for listings. (FREE)

Safety Checklists and Letters

Safety First Letter – Letter with safety tips for the holidays to prevents fires and burglaries. (FREE)

Fire Safety Checklist for Homeowners and Renters – Include this Fire Safety Checklist in your welcome package. (FREE)

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist – Send this checklist to your tenant at the beginning of the hurricane season. This will eliminate a lot of questions and stress. (FREE)

Landlord-Tenant Emergency Guide – The Emergency Reference Guide is designed to help your tenants remain safe and respond appropriately to emergency situations (FREE)

Maintenance Notices and Forms

Rental Maintenance ChecklistAn excel form with monthly and seasonal maintenance tasks. If your tenants are responsible for some of this maintenance share it with them. (FREE)

Incident Report – This form needs to be filled out by the tenant and signed by witnesses for any incidents occurring on the property. (FREE)

Notice to Enter Property – Notice to enter the rental property with date, time, and reason for entry. (FREE)

Work Order Completed – This form is signed by the tenant to make sure that work has been completed by the vendor before payment is made. (FREE)

Painting Instructions – Approval notice for painting the rental property with conditions and instructions. (FREE)

Repair Approval Template– Repairs approval notice, lists the approved repairs and amount of reimbursement to the tenant (if any.) (FREE)

Maintenance Request – Maintenance request template with instructions on what to do if there is an emergency. (FREE)

Excessive Utility Usage – Use this notice if you pay for the tenants’ utilities and they have above normal usage. (FREE)

Lease Renewals, Terminations, and Extensions

Lease Renewal Letter – Easy way to renew a lease, offer a choice between a month-to-month lease with a higher rent or signing a new lease. (FREE)

Rent Modification Agreement – This addendum modifies the rent amount. (FREE)

Month-to-Month Addendum – Agreement with the tenants to pay an additional amount along with the rent payment, if they stay after the original lease ends. (FREE)

Month-to-Month Extension – An offer to extend the month-to-month lease at a higher rate or terminate the lease. (FREE)

Lease Extension Addendum – Notice of lease extension without rent increase and other changes. (FREE)

Tenant Swap Agreement – One tenant vacating and adding another tenant agreement. (FREE)

Tenant Vacating Agreement – Tenant vacating agreement, other tenants (s) remaining. (FREE)

Tenant Addition Addendum – Addendum to the lease adding a tenant. (FREE)

Lease Non-Renewal Notice – Notice that the lease will not be renewed. (FREE)

Letter to Tenant of Intent to Sell Property –  This is a sample letter notifying tenants that the landlord intends to sell the rental property. (FREE)

Tenant Estoppel Certificate – Used when buying and selling rental properties with tenants.

Notice of Termination Due to Sale – Notice of termination of lease due to the sale of the rental property. (FREE)

Nonpayment of Rent and Lease Violation Notices and Letters

Late Rent Payment Warning Letter – This letter is for tenants who pay rent habitually late. (Free)

Eviction Notices for Nonpayment of Rent – Fillable eviction notices for nonpayment of rent. (FREE)

Past Due Amount Workout Agreement – Use this agreement if a tenant owes you money. Very helpful if your state doesn’t allow evictions right now. (FREE)

Notice to Tenant to Repair Damages – Notice to tenant to repair damages. (FREE)

Partial Rent Refusal – The Partial Rent Refusal Notice can be used when a tenant tries to make a partial payment to avoid eviction. (FREE)

Eviction Hold-Off Letter – Letter from landlord to property management company to hold off an eviction. (FREE)

Unauthorized Pet(s) Notice – The Unauthorized Pet(s) Notice is not an official lease violation notice. It’s just a warning. If the tenant doesn’t respond, send a Lease Violation Notice (check your state requirements.) (FREE)

Unauthorized Occupant(s) Notice – The Unauthorized Occupant(s) Notice is not an official lease violation notice. It’s just a warning. (FREE)

Repair Cease and Desist – Repair Cease and Desist Notice is used to stop unauthorized repairs and improvements on your rental property. (FREE)

Noise and Disturbance Notice – The Disturbance Notice should be used if tenants are doing anything that interferes with the ability of other residents to enjoy their own homes or to use common spaces safely. (FREE)

Housekeeping Issues Notice – A warning notice to the tenant(s) for unacceptable housekeeping with re-inspection in seven days. (FREE)

Moving Out Notices and Letters

Agreement to Vacate – Generic agreement to vacate (FREE)

Vacate Extension – Extension of the agreement to vacate

Confirmation of Vacating Premises – Notice to confirm that the tenant has left the rental property and allows the landlord/manager to dispose of any leftover personal belongings. (FREE)

Miscellaneous Forms and Calculators

Rent Receipt – Record payments from tenants, free fillable PDF form. (FREE)

Rent and Expenses MS Excel Template – Record Income and Expenses for up to 10 properties. Annual property statements for each property. (FREE)

Rental Calculator – Calculate the annual cash flow and the cash on cash return of a rental property. (FREE)

HUD Equal Housing Opportunity Sign – Fair Housing poster has to be displayed at any place of business where properties are offered for sale or for rent. (FREE)

Rent Recovery Collection Letter – This letter can be used to recover unpaid rent, damages, or attorney fees ( any money that’s not covered by the security deposit) either after evicting a tenant or after they move out. (FREE)