Resources For Landlords
& Property Investors

Tools, professional guides, landlord-tenant laws, and a directory of reliable vendors. Discover ways to automate your real estate business and increase profitability.

Rental Forms, Checklists and Letters

Attorney-approved rental forms and checklists for the most important tasks you need to do as a landlord. From finding good tenants, screening them, and moving them in, to returning security deposits when they move out.

Landlord-Tenant laws

State Rental

Essential reference to the state specific landlord-tenant laws. Overview of the most common rules like security deposit refunds, evictions notices etc.

Eviction Process & Timeline

Overview of the eviction process, access to all states’ eviction notices and checklists with a step-by-step guide on how to file for an eviction in your state.

Security Deposit Laws

Security deposit laws for each state, including limits, process to return the deposit, required deadlines and forms you can use.

Lease Violation Laws

Although filing for eviction is not complicated in most states, it’s time consuming. Most eviction attorneys charge a very reasonable flat fee, which is worth it.

Private Money for Rehab & Rentals

Rehab Fix & Flip

Fix and Flip are short-term loans, used to purchase, rehab, and sell a property within 6 to 9 months.

Buy, Rehab & Hold

The Buy, Rehab, and Hold loans are similar to Rehab, Fix, and Flip but with a longer-term and usually at a lower rate.

Multifamily Bridge Loans

Short-term loans used to purchase a 5 plus unit apartment complex. Frequently used to renovate, stabilize and rent the property before refinancing.

Commercial Hard Money

A loan based on the value of a commercial property. This type of financing is faster and is the best fit for transactions that might not fit traditional lending guidelines.

Rental Application

Well-structured method to collect information on prospective tenants, including background and references.

Rental Agreement

Comprehensive, time tested, basic Rental Agreement. It’s not state-specific.

Welcome Letter

Tenant welcome letter that sets the tone for the entire tenancy. Use our template or create your own.

Move-In Checklist

Move-in, Move-out checklist that can be filled online, no need for an app.

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