Easy Way to Clean a Burnt Glass Stovetop

Ask 100 cleaners on how to best clean a burnt glass stovetop and most likely you will get 100 different answers. Everyone has their favorite methods: from degreaser to oven cleaner and many other combinations.

What I will share with you comes from my experience as a property maintenance pro. Don’t buy a new stove, you can restore and clean the old one.

These are the best, the cheapest, the fastest ways.

The Best Way

The best and the least damaging way to clean a burned glass or ceramic cooktop is using Weiman Glass Cooktop Cleaner and a razor blade. Weiman actually sells a kit with a scrubbing pad and a razor.

Here is a photo of before and after using the Weiman Glass Stovetop cleaner and a razor.

How to use the Weiman glass and ceramic stovetop cleaner

  1. Apply a quarter-sized amount of the cleaner on a scrubbing pad and clean the stove.
  2. Use a razor on the burnt-on spots. Always hold the razor at 45 degrees in order not to damage the ceramic.
  3. Polish with a microfiber pad

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The Most Economical and Natural Way

The Weiman and the other stovetop cleaning products work great but they are expensive especially if you use them every day. You can substitute with a paste made from dish liquid and baking soda.

The baking soda works because it breaks down the grease and it’s slightly abrasive but will not scratch the surface of the stove. 

  1. Spread the baking soda paste and use a scrubbing pad to clean.
  2. Use a razor to remove any stuck-on food. You may have to do this several times.
  3. Rince and polish it with a microfiber cloth.

The Fastest Way

The fastest and most controversial way is to spray oven cleaner on top, make sure to mask anything you don’t want the spray to go on. 

I have heard that the oven cleaner will etch the glass top, however, the manufacturer of Easy-Off oven cleaner says that it can be used safely on ceramic and glass (it’s on the back of the spray). It does mention avoiding excessive use on glass.

The main ingredient of the Easy Off regular strength oven cleaner is sodium hydroxide and excessive use of it on the glass will dull the surface and eventually damage it so use it with caution.

I recommend using it only when the stovetop is has a lot of caked stuck-on food that will be difficult cleaning by the other methods. I don’t recommend using this as regular cleaning.

So here you have it, the best, the cheapest, and the quickest way to clean burnt-on glass or ceramic stovetops.

About the author

Chris Christo owns a property maintenance company and writes for Rentce on all rental maintenance topics.
He is also a rehabber and a landlord.
When he doesn’t work on properties or writes about properties, he can be found fishing.