Pet Addendum

  • Consent is hereby granted to Tenant(s) to keep the described pet(s) on the premises, provided the below-listed condition are abided by:
  • (list all pets by type, breed, color, age, name and weight)
  • 5. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times while outside the premises. Tenant(s) agree to fully indemnify the Landlord, owner or agent for any damages arising out of injury to another person(s) or another pet(s). Pets must not be tied or/and kept outside, on patio, garage or balcony. Pet(s) must be walked only in designated areas and Tenant(s) are responsible for cleaning up after pet(s).
  • 6. Tenant(s) will be responsible for FULL replacement and/or repair cost of carpet, walls, blinds, flooring and any other items damaged in any way by pet(s). Tenant(s) will also be responsible for the full cost of any exterminating that may be required because of pet(s).