5 thoughts on “Best product to kill German Roaches”

  1. Gonna say this one time! Bug Bomb from Raid lock all doors and windows and set all of them off in different rooms in 2-3 weeks they will all die. This source of information comes from first hand learning.

  2. German roaches are notoriously hard to get rid of. We bought a condo last year and the sellers were kind enough to include the roaches for free. I spent a couple hundred of dollars on an exterminator and did monthly sprays for 3 months and haven’t seen once since. Also, water is what draws them in, so check for leaks first or they’ll keep coming back.

  3. You are right to worry about the roach problem. This reminds me of when we took over the management of one property. We had to evict the current tenants first. When the Sherif and I entered the property, cockroaches rained on top of us. We had to fumigate to get rid of them.
    Here is a good website with products for DIY pest control but if your tenants don’t clean, none of these products will be effective. Give them a Notice and do regular inspections.

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