How to Rent a House by the Room

How to Rent a Room in a House or Rent the Entire House by the Room Is renting rooms and co-living the future in housing in high rent cities? This type of living arrangement is not new. According to Wendy Gamber “between one third and one-half of nineteenth-century urban residents either took in boarders or … Read more

Eviction in the Time of Coronavirus

Eviction Halt – Who is Affected and How to Deal with It? Who is affected by the recently issued foreclosure and eviction moratorium? There is some confusion on the eviction moratorium. President Trump just ordered HUD to suspend evictions and foreclosures through mid-April. Here is the exact wording of that document and link to it. … Read more

How to Handle Late Rent Payments

You can get everything else right, but if you don’t get paid, you will not stay in business for too long.  Tenants who pay late or simply stop paying rent are the reasons so many investors and landlords give up before they get the chance to reap the financial rewards from their rentals. The solution … Read more

Can You Evict a Relative or a Guest?

We get asked this question a lot. Instead of answering it by email, I decided to collect opinions from a couple of attorneys.  This is from an article from the Orlando Sentinel. The attorneys Lambson and Brown are discussing what is the best solution to get a relative out of the house if they won’t … Read more