How to Manage a Demanding Tenant

What to do about a tenant that complains about EVERY LITTLE THING. It’s been a month since move in, and I’ve already fixed or replaced many things that were all functional but not to their liking…..and yet they keep finding new things to complain about to replace. For example, replaced the water heater and now they’re complaining that the shower in a bedroom takes too long to heat up….so something needs to be done about the pipes. How to manage an over demanding tenant??
Also asking to replace a kitchen sink faucet that works but the faucet head isn’t pulling out well. This is slightly more reasonable ask than the pipes but after all the fixed I’ve done I need to set boundaries. Would you delay on an ask like this or just say no?

2 thoughts on “How to Manage a Demanding Tenant”

  1. Talk to the tenants and find out if these maintenance issues are what’s really bothering them. Sometimes tenants want out of the lease and they will do everything possible to drive you crazy with repair requests.
    To eliminate this in the future, include a AS-IS condition in your lease and make sure tenants qualify financially to rent your property.

  2. I had two of these.. the one got on her hands and knees and picked at a flake of paint under the threshold on the linoleum. I finally gave them maintenance request forms and told them we will get to them when we can. Kept documenting every time and everything. Finally told her this is what we have to offer running water, electric, heat and a safe home.

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