The Best Door Locks for Rental Properties

I installed my first electronic door lock after the third time I came home from a run and realized that I forgot my keys.
This of course made me think of all the locked out and lost keys calls we get from tenants and all the potential benefits of installing electronic locks.
We slowly replaced almost all front door locks with electronic locks. We now use them to let potential tenants view the properties, to let in vendors to do repairs, and to let agents do showings. Of course, this also eliminated all locked-out calls from tenants.

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Schlage FE595 CAM 626 Acc Camelot Keypad Entry with Flex-Lock is our best overall pick.

Why is the Schlage FE595 CAM 626 Acc Camelot Keypad our favorite?

We love how long the batteries last, we usually have to change the batteries every three years. This lock is flex-lock, which is an improvement over the security of other latchbolts.

We also like the durability of the finish. The photo below is from a lock we’ve had for the last eight years. We had to change the batteries twice.

The Schlage FE595 CAM 626 Acc Camelot Keypad is a latchbolt and not a deadbolt. This lock is a replacement for existing handles or knobs.

Because this is a flex-lock you can turn on or off the automatic re-locking. There are up to 19 access codes that can be created or deleted with 2 unique initial codes already programmed.

Schlage BE365CAM619 BE365 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt is stronger and more difficult to pick than latchebolt locks. It doesn’t lock automatically but it has all the other features of the Schlage FE595 CAM 626 Acc Camelot Keypad. This includes up to 19 programmable access codes.

We love the automatic door locking in 30 seconds.

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How do electronic door locks work?

There are two different types of electronic door locks:

  1. Deadbolts with Keypad
  2. Spring bolt (latchbolt) with Keypad with Handle or Door Knob

Both types rely on a series of magnets and small motors that are activated to open and close. Instead of keys they use keypad combination in order to unlock.

Each type of lock has its advantage.

The advantage of the latch bolt electronic locks is that their batteries last a long time, typically up to a couple of years and they lock automatically. 

The deadbolt locks  on the other hand are stronger and more difficult to pick than latchbolt locks.

Are electronic front door locks safe?

Electronic door locks are as safe as keys if they work properly. If they are not connected to WiFi they can’t be hacked.

How Much Does It Cost to Install an Electronic Lock?

It shouldn’t take more than 40-60 mins to install an electronic lock. Most handyman can do it, you don’t have to call a locksmith. With an average rate of $60 per hour, the installation shouldn’t cost more than $60-$100.

What causes electronic door locks to stop working?

Usually, electronic door locks stop working because the batteries are dead and need replacement

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