What options do I have to eventually collect past due rent?

I have a tenant who owes rent since April. I can’t evict him due to Covid-19 pandemic, by the time the eviction will be done…tenant will be 5-6 months behind in rent payments…plus damages legal expenses – the potential bill could be between $10,000 – $15,000…needless to say not chump change to simply let go. Soon to be former tenant has a six-figure job and has been actively/gainfully employed through this whole crisis simply chose to become a squatter. Outside of judgment and potential for garnishment, what options do we have (in Florida) to get/receive restitution?? Any/all advice/guidance appreciated…

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  1. Jackie, Governor DeSantis just extended the eviction moratorium until July 2nd. Your county court will accept your eviction papers but you may lose the case. I see lawyers advertising on Youtube and Facebook looking for someone to sue. This can get expensive. Even after July 2nd, you need to give tenants 30 days notice instead of 3-Day. Talk to a lawyer.
    That being said after you evict the tenant, there are two ways to collect: using a collection agency (check our directory) or filing a lawsuit and garnishing the tenant’s wages. Here is an article we wrote about collecting past due rent. https://www.rentce.com/can-you-sue-a-tenant-for-unpaid-rent-and-damages/

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