How do you price rentals for short term

Our first tenants have been great but their 1 year lease end in 60 days. We offered them a 1yr renewal at the same price… they are asking about month to month or 6 month options. How do you guys price your rentals for short term? Not sure if we are comfortable going this route … Read more

How to Manage a Demanding Tenant

What to do about a tenant that complains about EVERY LITTLE THING. It’s been a month since move in, and I’ve already fixed or replaced many things that were all functional but not to their liking…..and yet they keep finding new things to complain about to replace. For example, replaced the water heater and now … Read more

Recommendations to get rid of urine smell

I have a long term tenant who has been great… until I found out she got a male non neutered cat (without my permission) who has been spraying all over the townhome for months. I do accept an adult cat normally but ask for proof of it being spayed/neutered for this reason. The smell is … Read more

Best product to kill German Roaches

I have a problem with German roaches in one of my rentals. My lease clearly spells out that the tenant is responsible for pest control. However, when I do inspections during the day I see roaches. They are saying that hiring a pest control company is too expensive for them. Is there a product I … Read more

Airbnb Property

Your Airbnb Property is about to see a lot more action! See the difference by hiring us as your property’s superhosts! We are specialists in the short-term rental property market. As your property manager and host, we provide a higher-level of service that is designed to be your turn-key solution from the start! Your short … Read more

It is worth getting HELOC to purchase a rental property?

Hey…me and my wife are looking to purchase our first investment property. We have a potential tenant… Thing is my credit score is 638….mortgage lender is wanting 25%down and 15 year loan to keep rates down. Only way we can do that is to do a home equity line of credit….would it be worth it?