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About New Tampa

“Welcome to New Tampa, the fastest growing community in Hillsborough county!” That’s the greeting of the New Tampa Community Council, a chamber-of-commerce type organization that serves both the business and community interest of New Tampa residents.

And fast-growing it is-New Tampa population jumped from 7,100 in 1990 to some 37,500 in 2005-and the growth hasn’t stopped yet.

Big, sprawling, and new it is; a town with community character it’s not. New Tampa is considered “too new” for some who find it discomforting to live in an area that’s nothing more than shops and residential communities.

Others, however, love how this once rural, well-planned area, now Tampa’s largest neighborhood, lets them enjoy a little bit of suburbia right outside the big city proper.

New Tampa Real Estate

Most properties in New Tampa, whether single-family or condo are part of planned communities (CDDs), and thus their taxes are higher because of the community development fees. The CDD is a loan the developer took to build the infrastructure and the amenities, this loan is paid by the property owners usually over 30 years.

This doesn’t deter ownership in New Tampa because of the excellent schools and the proximity to USF, VA, and the Moffitt center.
Hunter Green is one of the oldest neighborhoods in New Tampa and the one that is more affordable because it doesn’t have a CDD.

Tampa Palms, New Tampa’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious residential community, developed when New Tampa was still unincorporated, was named the top master-planned community in the U.S. by the National Association of Homebuilders.

Sale and Rent Prices

  • $304,512 Median Home Value
  • $1,885 Average Rent

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