Landlord Entry Notice

 Notice to Tenants from Landlord or Property Manager to Enter Property

StateAdvance Notice Required (non emergency only)Reasons a Landlord May EnterNotice to Enter
2 DaysEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsAlabama Notice to Enter
24 HoursEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsAlaska Notice to Enter
Arizona2 DaysEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsArizona Notice to Enter
ArkansasNo Notice SpecifiedInspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsArkansas Notice to Enter
California24 HoursEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsCalifornia Notice to Enter
ColoradoNo StatuteColorado Notice to Enter
ConnecticutReasonable NoticeEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsConnecticut Notice to Enter
Delaware2 DaysEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsDelaware Notice to Enter
Washington, DC48 HoursEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsWashington, DC Notice to Enter
Florida12 HoursEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsFlorida Notice to Enter
GeorgiaNo StatuteGeorgia Notice to Enter
Hawaii2 DaysEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsHawaii Notice to Enter
IdahoNo StatuteIdaho Notice to Enter
IllinoisNo StatuteIllinois Notice to Enter
IndianaReasonable NoticeEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsIndiana Notice to Enter
Iowa24 HoursEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsIowa Notice to Enter
KansasReasonable NoticeEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsKansas Notice to Enter
Kentucky2 DaysEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsKentucky Notice to Enter
LouisianaNo Notice
LA Civil Code. CC 2693
RepairsLouisiana Notice to Enter
MaineReasonable Notice, 24 HoursEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsMaine Notice to Enter
MarylandNo StatuteMaryland Notice to Enter
MassachusettsNo Notice MentionedEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsMassachusetts Notice to Enter
MichiganNo StatuteMichigan Notice to Enter
MinnesotaReasonable NoticeEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsMinnesota Notice to Enter
MississippiNo StatuteMississippi Notice to Enter
MissouriNo StatuteMissouri Notice to Enter
Montana24 HoursEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsMontana Notice to Enter
NebraskaOne DayEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsNebraska Notice to Enter
Nevada24 HoursEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsNevada Notice to Enter
New HampshireReasonable notice under the circumstancesEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsNew Hampshire Notice to Enter
New JerseyReasonable notice – one dayEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsNew Jersey Notice to Enter
New Mexico24 HoursEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsNew Mexico Notice to Enter
New YorkNo StatuteNew York Notice to Enter
North CarolinaNo StatuteNorth Carolina Notice to Enter
North DakotaReasonable NoticeEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsNorth Dakota Notice to Enter
Ohio24 HoursEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsOhio Notice to Enter
OklahomaOne DayEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsOklahoma Notice to Enter
Oregon24 HoursEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsOregon Notice to Enter
PennsylvaniaNo StatutePennsylvania Notice to Enter
Rhode Island2 DaysEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsRhode Island Notice to Enter
South Carolina24 HoursEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsSouth Carolina Notice to Enter
South DakotaNo StatuteSouth Dakota Notice to Enter
Tennessee24 Hours only in the last 30 days of the tenancy to show the property and only if there is a provision in the lease allowing access.Emergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsTennessee Notice to Enter
TexasNo StatuteTexas Notice to Enter
Utah24 Hours except as otherwise provided in the rental agreementEmergencies and repairsUtah Notice to Enter
Vermont48 HoursEmergency, Inspection, Repairs, Improvements, ShowingsVermont Notice to Enter
Virginia24 HoursEmergency, Maintenance, Inspections, Improvements, and ShowingsVirginia Notice to Enter
Washington2 DaysEmergency, Maintenance, Inspections, Improvements, and ShowingsWashington Notice to Enter
West VirginiaNo StatuteWest Virginia Notice to Enter
WisconsinAdvanced NoticeEmergency, Maintenance, Inspections, Improvements, and ShowingsWisconsin Notice to Enter
WyomingNo StatuteWyoming Notice to Enter