Idaho Landlord-Tenant Laws

Idaho Rental Laws

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Termination for Nonpayment Notice
(Eviction Notice)
3-Day Notice Idaho Code 6-303(2)
Termination for Lease Violation Notice3-Day Notice Idaho Code 6-303
Small Claim Court LimitIdaho Small Claim Court Limit is $5,000
Handling Abandoned Property
Idaho Code 6-311 C
Penalty for Self-Help EvictionNo statute
Tenant Withholding Rent for RepairsNo statute
Required Disclosures No disclosure statutes
Non-Refundable FeesAllowed
Security Deposit RulesSecurity Deposit Amount: No limit; 21 Days to Itemize Deductions and Return Deposit
Month-to-Month NoticeOne Month
Payment of RentNo statute
Property Entry
No statute

Landlord-Tenant State Laws