Kansas Landlord-Tenant Laws

Kansas Rental Laws

Kansas Rev. Stat. Chapter 58 Article 25

Termination for Nonpayment Notice
(Eviction Notice)
3-Day Notice for tenancy under 3 mos
10-Day Notice for tenancy over 3 mos
Termination for Lease Violation Notice14-Day Notice to cure plus additional 16 to vacate
Small Claim Court LimitKansas Small Claim Court Limit is $4,000
Handling Abandoned Property
58-2565.Extended absence of tenant; damages; entry by landlord; abandonment by tenant, when; reasonable effort to rent required; termination of rental agreement, when; personal property of tenant; disposition, procedure; proceeds; rights of person receiving property.
Penalty for Self-Help EvictionActual damages or three months rent (whichever is greater)
Tenant Withholding Rent for RepairsNo statute
Required Disclosures Move-in Checklist Required Within 5 Days of Taking Possession
Non-Refundable FeesNo statute
Security Deposit RulesSecurity Deposit Amount: up to 1 month (unfurnished); up to 1/2 month (furnished) plus 1/2 month rent pet deposit;
Deadline for landlord to itemize and return deposit: 30 Days
Month-to-Month Notice30 Days to Terminate Tenancy
Payment of Rent58-2545. Rental agreement; terms and conditions in absence thereof
Property Entry
Reasonable Notice

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