Oregon Landlord-Tenant Laws

Oregon Rental Laws

Or. Rev. Stat. 90.100 to 91.225

Termination for Nonpayment Notice
(Eviction Notice)

For week-to-week tenancy, 72 Hour Notice (not earlier than 5 days after the rent is due)
For all other tenancies 72-Hour (3 Days) Notice (not sooner than 8 days after the rent is due)
or 144-Hour Notice (6 Days) ( no sooner than 5 days after the rent is due)
§ 90.394 Termination of tenancy for failure to pay rent
Termination for Lease Violation Notice30-Day Notice to Cure
90.392       Termination of tenancy for cause; tenant right to cure violation
90.405       Effect of tenant keeping unpermitted pet
Small Claim Court LimitOregon Small Claim Court Limit is $10,000
Handling Abandoned Property 90.425 Disposition of personal property abandoned by tenant; notice; sale; limitation on landlord liability; tax cancellation; storage agreements; hazardous property.
Penalty for Self-Help EvictionTwo months rent or two times the actual damage, whichever is greater
Tenant Withholding Rent for Repairs90.365 Failure of landlord to supply essential services; remedies.
Required Disclosures Permitted fees must be disclosed in the written lease agreement
§ 90.302 Fees allowed for certain landlord expenses
§ 30.701 Actions against maker of dishonored check
Owner or agent identity
§ 90.305 Disclosure of certain matters
Disclosure of legal proceeding
§ 90.310 Disclosure of legal proceedings
Payment of utilities
§ 90.315 Utility or service payments
Recycling services
§ 90.318 Criteria for landlord provision of certain recycling services
Smoking policy disclosure
§ 90.220 Terms and conditions of rental agreement
Maintenance of carbon monoxide alarm
§ 90.317 Repair or replacement of carbon monoxide alarm
§ 90.228 Notice of location in 100-year flood plain
Renter’s Liability Insurance
§ 90.222 Renter’s liability insurance
Non-Refundable FeesNo
90.302 Fees allowed for certain landlord expenses; accounting not required; fees for noncompliance with written rules; tenant remedies. 
Security Deposit RulesSecurity Deposit Amount: No Limit
Deadline to itemize and return of security deposit: 31 days
§ 90.300 Security deposits
Month-to-Month Notice30 days
Payment of Rent§ 90.220 Terms and conditions of rental agreement
§ 90.260 Late rent payment charge or fee
Property Entry
24 Hours

Landlord-Tenant State Laws