North Dakota Landlord-Tenant Laws

North Dakota Rental Laws

North Dakota Century Code §§ 47-16-01 to 47-16-42

Termination for Nonpayment Notice
(Eviction Notice)
Unconditional Quit Notice Rent has to be 3 Days late
47-32-01 When eviction maintainable
Termination for Lease Violation Notice3-Day Notice
47-32-02 Appearance ‑ Notice of intention to evict ‑ When required ‑ When and how served
Small Claim Court LimitNorth Dakota Small Claim Court Limit is $15,000
Handling Abandoned Property
47-16-30.1 Abandoned property ‑ Disposal by lessor
Penalty for Self-Help EvictionTriple damages
Tenant Withholding Rent for Repairs
47-16-13 When lessee may repair or vacate premises
If within a reasonable time after notice from the lessee of dilapidations which the lessor
ought to repair the lessor neglects to do so, the lessee may:
1. Repair the premises and deduct the expense of such repair from the rent;
2. Recover it in any other lawful manner from the lessor; or
3. Vacate the premises, in which case the lessee shall be discharged from further
payment of rent or performance of other conditions.
Required Disclosures Move-In Checklist Required
47-16-07.2 Statement detailing condition of premises to accompany rental agreement
Non-Refundable Fees
Security Deposit RulesSecurity Deposit Amount: up to 1-month rent; up to 2 months rent or $2,500 (whichever is greater) for tenants with pets; up to 2 months for tenants with felony convictions
An escrow account required, interest must be paid for leases over 9 months
Deadline to itemize and return of security deposit: 30 days
47-16-07.1 Real property and dwelling security deposits ‑ Limitations and requirements
Month-to-Month Notice30 days
Payment of Rent47-16-20 Rents ‑ When payable
Property Entry
Reasonable notice

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